Renovations & Additions

When it comes to construction projects and remodels we move swiftly. We help you plan, execute, and deliver your projects on budget. From business upgrades, office renovations, multi-family developments, to residential builds and remodels, we are here to help make your dreams a reality. You have a plan Harvey Construction has the solution.

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Kitchen Updates & Remodels

Everyone would like a new kitchen. From a simple countertop, to new cupboards, or a fully remodeled kitchen, Harvey Construction can work with you to transform your kitchen into a new environment. Always wanted that wall out and new center island, now is the time to remodel and construct your perfect kitchen you have always desired.

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Bathroom & Vanities

Many homes have outdated bathrooms and need renovation. We can come in and completely remodel you existing room and add the modern amenities of today. Some homes have always wanted another bathroom and are in need of a new room with proper plumbing and new electric. Harvey Construction can remodel or do complete builds of new bathrooms to your specifications and desires.

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Decks & Porches

Always wanted that addition off the back kitchen, an open sliding door to an amazing deck and railing. Quality designed steps leading outdoors to your new patio and barbecue set. Well that can happen easily with our experience in building outdoor and transition environments. Many homes we have constructed have wonderful porches and additions that work with connecting you to the outdoors. Let’s begin that journey and build you deck and porch today.

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